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Fire Spin

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It is featured on the reels of modern video slots. The mythological elements here are based on two main sources - sacred and human. The sacred elements appear in the form of powerful gods, while humans are represented by the gear-inspired Antikythera mechanism, an ancient Greek analog computer.

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Fong Shen

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The design embodies an impressive animated spin and a lifelike pattern with every twist and turn. Those who are familiar with slot machines will be able to understand most of the movements because the buttons are familiar and very obvious. But if you don't have an application translation, you won't have the opportunity to participate in the game's instructions, and the game itself doesn't provide this kind of help in its settings.

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God of Wealth

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From here you can choose to play 1 to 25 paylines in any rotation of this 5-axis game, then select the total amount from 0.01 coins to 6.25 coins to suit your bet plan However, even with larger prizes, the Chinese lanterns are waiting for your line bet up to 300 times, Oxen up to 500x, Tigers up to 2,500x, and Green Dragons up to 5,000x line bets.

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God of Wealth 2

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Explore the impressive settings of the Fortuna Casino slot on mobile and desktop devices. The former is the most commonly used when accessing the game, usually done in no download mode. All elements of the game are the same as the PC version, including an impressive RTP rate of 96.21%.

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