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The good news is that you will prefer to meet the crew because each of them can win a decent prize and make your boat on the love boat more enjoyable.




Rotate them on reels 1, 3 and 5 at the same time, you will receive the game bonus, you can test your Cupid skills by matching a pair of playboys and chicks, in order to have the opportunity to enjoy cash rewards and prize multipliers. First pick a woman to reveal the cash reward, then try to choose a man you think she will fall in love at first sight. Then sit back and look at the applicability meter to determine your multiplier fate. If you are a real Cupid, the meter will say "This is my true love" and your cash reward will increase by 5 times. If you are an ordinary Cupid, you have just discovered some undeniable chemical reactions, then the meter will say "you are smoking" and double your cash reward.