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Streak of Luck

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The background is a combination of light blue and dark blue with a variety of stars around the reel. The scroll is surrounded by light brown trim and the trim is illuminated. These symbols appear in front of the dark wood color, making the symbol easier to see and more representative, the lower half of the game is available in green and white, and the spin button is orange coated. There is also a jackpot ladder on the right side of the reel indicating the free spin value and a cumulative reward meter at the top of the ladder.

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The Great Ming Empire

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It was based on the Daming Empire of 276 years of Chinese rule in 1368-1644. Therefore, the game benefits from a rich empire image as it is set in the Ming Palace. The symbols on the scroll include the emperor himself, the ship and the palace - the latter is a symbol of the wild, replacing the male emperor (Hongwu Emperor) and the empress (Queen Xu). If you manage to get 5 on the payline, then it will also pay your line bet 2000 times.

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Fruit Mania

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It takes only 5 pence per spin to reach £10. The online slot is no simpler than the Fruit Mania - set on a solid red background with 7 classic symbols on the reel. In order of increasing value, they are cherries, they can pay 1 to 40 times your shares (you only need to get 2 cherries for the winner).

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