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This design has a clear oriental influence, we see a traditional straw hat and lucky koi, lotus and poker symbols for the farm girl.



When she passes through the reel, the farm worker returns the best prize, paying 200 coins for 3,400 rows when she is on 4 connected reels, and rewarding 4,000 disadvantages when she appears on all 5 reels . Flowers, beautiful birds, scarecrows and fish are worth some of the higher value prizes, while smaller wins come from classic poker icons.

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Gorilla's Tribe Video Slot is one of dozens of games that software providers offer to online casinos in the region. It is a game built for desktop casinos and mobile optimization platforms.



If you want to play faster or press a button during playback, you can find a turbo control and a control for the autoplay mode on the dashboard. Due to the large screen format, you can find various payments in the payment form, starting with the payment of 2 symbols and ending with 6 symbol combinations.

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These colored symbols are arranged in a 6 x 4 layout, and the player has 50 paylines to pass them through, winning prizes whenever 3 or more of the same type crosses a line from the left side of the adjacent reel.


The usual playing card symbols appear in this game, some with the focus of fortune cookies, diamonds and flowers, when the 9,10, J or Q constitutes the victory line, they will pay 10 to 40 times the line bet, to 15 K or A land when times between 60 times.

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Although there are some kissing decorations that will trigger a free spin, this is a bonus game featuring a band, as well as a unique mysterious wealth feature that can create additional victories.



While players who prefer to play the game can do some practice spins on the free Guardians of Flowers video slot, these slots are provided by the casino.

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A more unusual way for online slot machine fans to reconnect with their heroes is through Bruce Lee Slots, an unusual product of WMS games that includes a lot of reference to his art and his films.


The background of the game is the design of the Chinese dragon, and the symbols are all related to great men.

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It may be one of the most colorful online casino slot machines we've ever seen, and if you have a migraine, don't even see pink, purple, green and red, fill the bottom of this game from side to side and top.


This stock activates all 50 paylines, where you need to place 3 or more identical symbols on the adjacent turntable from left to right to collect prizes. Wilds and scatters return victory in different ways, and if you want to see how it works without having to play real money, you can get the Gummy Wonderland video slot for free.

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The Asian Dragon set video slot machine is designed with red, blue and gold seven designs, and then the 3x Dragon Supreme takes it home with a three-bar, double-bar and single-bar package. Allow a bet from $0.20 to a maximum of $1,000.




We really like to use 3x Dragon Supreme, the Asian Dragon game offers some great productions, let you use the red seven, blue seven and gold seven icons and sounds in the game. This is one of the slot machines I have been interested in for a long time while playing games.

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