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With stunning 3D graphics, when you play cash prizes on a reel, you almost feel like you're flipping through the rabbit hole yourself. But will this game become a fairy tale or something more suitable for the Brothers Grimm? Here's Betconstruct's comment on Alice in Wonderland and all the facts you need to know.

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Jack and The Beanstalk tell the story of a young man who has planted some magic beans that grow into giant bean stems. Jack climbed up to meet a giant and his wife, and became more enriched in the process.

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Captain Treasure

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The captain’s treasure is indeed effective. With 30 paylines and 5 reels, the nautical pirate theme is more "cute and cartoon" than the "Seven Sea Horror", perfect for this easy-looking slot. The ratio of returning players is 96.08%, which is very good. The Treasure Chest symbol is both a wild symbol and a scatter symbol, often appearing and offering you exciting and exciting free spins.

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