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bonus bears

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Online slot games with wildlife themes are developed by popular online game software developer Playtech. This slot machine game is suitable for free and real money games, and because of its many interesting features and generous rewards, it is quickly popular among slot machine fans in Europe and around the world.

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Boy King's Treasure

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In the ancient Egyptian era, you can see picturesque scrolls and a glimpse of life. This fascinating theme will remind you of the days when the boy king took the throne and ruled Egypt. Eye-catching graphics accompany your gameplay, plus beautiful Egyptian-themed music to make your scrolls more enjoyable. The Wild icon is represented by King Tut and will replace all other symbols to help you achieve a winning combination. He will also grant x2 multipliers for any victory formed using wild symbols.

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Captain Treasure

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Playtech's Captain's Treasure uses the pirate theme to create an epic world of games, with sunken treasures abound, and every rotation of the reel can bring great victories and excitement. Click Rotate to start the game, then watch the reels rotate and stop showing your prizes

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Circus has 9 paylines and 5 spinning reels. The Circus video slot combines elements of traditional slot machines with elements of an online variety. Some users say that the game has a retro feel, while others think it's too cartoon, its colorful old school look.

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casino war

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Casino War is a fun board game with amazing odds. The casino war is based on the child's card game "War", in which two players start the game with half a deck and try to steal the cards by matching one by one. Imagine that the casino version of the children's card game has some of the best odds in the table game section.

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